In partnership with the UK's Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and the UK Embassy in Santiago, the Lab is collaborating with the Chilean Government to rethink and assess city leadership policy, as well as business development, in cities in Chile.

The program will offer critical support for the Chilean Servicio de Cooperación Técnica. Institución del Estado (SERCOTEC) and Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo (MINVU) to deliver a national framework for innovative city leadership, linking current policy development in Chile with the best practices of the UK. Facilitated by the UCL City Leadership Initiative Laboratory and by the Business of Cities, the program is based on translating the lessons from the UK Department of BIS ‘future of cities’ foresight program, the UK experience in power devolution as well as international lessons from CLI’s research and programs.

Key areas to this policy exchange, as indicated by SERCOTEC and MINVU will be: business improvement districts (BIDs), smart urban governance and city leadership. CLI will deliver  an overall white paper for MINVU on implementing a national strategy for smarter city leadership and governance, and a policy brief on BID condensing best practices from the UK experience and key international examples as well. This research and policy advice has been supplemented by an exchange of experts between Chile and the UK in June and again in November, and the development of further bridges for science-policy collaboration. 

Enhancing this process by linking policy developments in Chile to best practices in the UK can offer a critical window for both policy developments at national and urban levels, as well as for prosperity in Chilean cities for the long term.

The programme is funded via the FCO Prosperity Fund, and supported by the Chilean Servicio de Cooperación Técnica. Institución del Estado (SERCOTEC) and Ministerio de Vivienda y Urbanismo (MINVU).

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Project Team

Project report

"Placing Business Leadership:

insights from Chile's Barrios Comerciales"

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The Lab team during a recent visit to Santiago's Barrios Commerciales