Project Report

"Connecting Healthy Cities"

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Project Team

In collaboration with WHO Europe and the WHO Healthy Cities Network, the City Leadership Laboratory team is developing a primer for "city health diplomacy." How can city networking, which has already proved to be a tool for tackling challenges such as environmental preservation or local-level peace-keeping, benefit health? How can international health diplomacy coordinated by the WHO better include cities?


Collaboration between the Lab and WHO Europe started during the 2014 WHO Healthy Cities annual summit in Athens with the aim of furthering one of the core aims set out in the WHO's Health 2020: the improvement of leadership and health governance by cities. Continued as a research partnership from 2015, and cemented at the 2015 WHO Healthy Cities annual summit in Kuopio, the partnership aims at developing an evidence base and capacity building programme for cities to become more effectively engaged in international health collaborations. The Lab and WHO Europe are now in the process of soliciting direct input from WHO Healthy Cities member networks and cities.


Research at the heart of this project is available in the following report Connecting Healthy Cities launched at Kuopio, Finland, at the 2015 annual WHO European Healthy Cities Network. Read more about it here or see the project's executive summary.

The Lab and WHO team has also published a reflection on the policy implications and approach to this project:

Project publication

"City Diplomacy: Learning with

WHO Healthy Cities"

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