Project Team

As part of the Master in Public Administration in the Department of Science, Technology, Engineering and Public Policy, students are asked to complete an extended project for a real client in their second and third terms. This year, one of the projects related to the MPA’s Urban Innovation concentration is set in partnership by the C40 Climate Leadership Group and STEaPP’s UCL City Leadership Lab. C40 is a network of the world’s megacities committed to addressing climate change. It gathers over 90 major global cities, currently chaired by Paris, and has over 11 years of track record on the forefront of climate action, sustainability innovation and international exchanges between cities the world over. C40 and the Lab have already produced three internationally-recognizable reports (Climate Action in Megacities 3.0, Powering Climate Action and Potential for Climate Action, all in partnership with Arup) and students have now a chance to take part in the development of a fourth such study.

Recent C40 research has identified target emissions pathways for its 84 individual member cities to remain within a 1.5 degree temperature rise, in accordance with the Paris Agreement, based on the remaining global emissions budget to 2100. It is clear that cities are critical to delivering a climate safe future; and as outlined in Deadline 2020, over half the emissions savings required by C40 cities to deliver a 1.5 degree trajectory, can be delivered directly or through collaboration by C40 city governments.


Crucially however, action over the next four years will determine if this is possible. A large volume of new action is required by 2020, but equality as important, 70% of the 25,000 climate actions that must be underway by 2020, must be at citywide scale. To ensure a climate safe future, mayors must hugely accelerate the rate at which climate actions are expanded across the whole city.

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