Laboratory doctoral and postgraduate research

The City Leadership Lab hosts a suite of doctoral projects as part of UCL STEaPP's Doctoral Training Programme (DTP), where researchers engage with issues of urban policy in STEaPP but also develop technical and challenging skills in another department of UCL's Faculty of Engineering Sciences. The Lab also hosts collaboration with other UCL and international doctoral researchers. Along with these, Lab staff supports masters students in their client-driven projects for the MPA in Urban Innovation and Policy, ensuring that postgraduate education in urban policy at STEaPP is engaged with real-world challenges in and for cities.

Find out more about the Lab's doctoral and MPA projects by clicking on the links below.

An EPSRC doctoral project investigating the dynamics and politics of urban knowledge in large projects planning

Data and large urban developments: BIM 

A study of the politics of BIM use in large urban development, in collaboration with Milan Polytechnic

How is water governed in cities? A project investigating expanding access to safe, quality drinking water.

An EPSRC doctoral project on the politics of urban experimentation in cities focusing on energy/transport

Sharing Cities at Night

A student-led MPA project on the night time challenges for London, in collaboration with GLA Sharing Cities.

Scaling up C40's

urban experiments

A student-led MPA project on determinants of 'scaling up' for successful climate action in C40 Cities