Jean-Paul Addie

Marie Curie Postdoctoral Research Fellow



Jean-Paul Addie is a Marie Curie Research Fellow in the Department of Geography at UCL and a visiting fellow in the City Leadership Laboratory. He is an urban geographer principally concerned with the infrastructures underpinning the production, governance, and experience of regional urbanization.


Jean-Paul’s work is theoretically and methodologically driven by a dialectical approach to the urban process. The central objects of his analysis are urban infrastructures: the material elements and social relations that facilitate urbanization and foster distinct modes of urbanism. He draws from critical political economy to engage the urban-infrastructure nexus through the key prisms of higher education and transportation, and pays particular attention to (post-)suburban and ‘in-between’ spaces in the production of contemporary city-regions. Jean-Paul has published on a number of interdisciplinary topics including: neoliberal urban policy; local democracy; transportation governance; comparative metropolitan governance; suburbanization and suburbanism; urban higher education; and global city-regionalism.


Currently, Jean-Paul’s research focuses on rethinking the urban university in the context of global urbanization. As principal investigator for the project Situating the New Urban University, his work uncovers how universities can adjust their institutional structures, pedagogies, and spatial strategies in response to the opportunities and challenges of contemporary urban society.


Jean-Paul joined UCL Geography in October 2015. For the two years prior he held the position of Provost Fellow and Lecturer (fixed term) at UCL STEaPP. Jean-Paul holds degrees in geography from the University of Dundee (MA, 2004), Miami University (MA, 2006), and York University (PhD, 2013).