Student Project: Transitions to Sustainable Urban Mobility

The project, called Transitions to Sustainable Urban Mobility (T-SUM) , is an interdisciplinary and cross-sector collaborative project that aims to identify the conditions under which sustainable and inclusive transport and land use development can be accelerated in growing cities in the Global South. It is grounded in the observation that where there are still-low-but-rising levels of motorisation, economic growth and increasing social and spatial inequalities, the formulation and implementation of policies, practices and partnerships that can support an accelerated implementation of sustainable mobility structures is an urgent concern for rapidly developing cities. This project will initially focus on Maputo, Mozambique, and Freetown, Sierra Leone, as apposite examples of growing urban economies in Sub-Saharan Africa and other parts of the Global South.

T-SUM is a cross-departmental collaboration between UCL Development Planning Unit at the Bartlett and the Centre for Transport Studies, part of the Civil, Environmental and Geomatic Engineering department. It involves a range of partners in Maputo and Freetown, including academics, consultants and policy-makers and institutions such as the World Bank and UN-Habitat.

The students involved in this project will be predominantly focused on participatory policy approaches “Vision Pathways and Implementation Strategies”. The aims of this are to initiate innovative participative policy making, planning and governance processes to transition towards sustainable urban mobility in Maputo & Freetown, and to establish a Mobility Action Plan and a prioritisation report.