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Beware of Fake ESA’s By Spotting These 5 Red Flags - 2022 Guide

The use of online ESA agencies to meet the requirement for keeping an emotional support animal has made it simpler for fabricators to fool the people and give them fake letters. Nearly anybody can pretend to be a qualified mental health practitioner on the web and give fake letters which are jeopardizing the authenticity of the entire ESA system. You must be wondering how someone can fool you with a fake ESA. The answer is simple. Since numerous internet businesses that provide you with an ESA letter have sprung up overnight, they are taking advantage of your need to keep a pet for emotional support by pretending to provide you with a letter approved by a qualified mental health expert. While in reality, they are all fraudulent.

After you pay them for the services and receive the letter, you will face public embarrassment if your landlord discovers that the letter you gave to them is fake. This calls into doubt your trustworthiness as well. To avoid it, you must constantly be aware of these scammers and keep an eye out for red flags.

If you have been a victim of such fraudulent ESA companies or do not want to be a victim in the future, read on to learn about the five greatest red flags that you should always be aware of.

Five Biggest Red Flags

The following are some red flags to look out for when choosing a service provider to give you a letter allowing you to keep an emotional support animal.

Scammers offer ESA registration

One thing that is common among the fraudulent ESA companies is that they try to persuade you into getting your pet registered as an ESA while no law in the US acknowledges such registrations as legitimate. The only thing that gives you the authority to house your pet and travel with it in places where it is usually not allowed is the “letter”. No registration or any such similar thing could warranty you the same rights.

Be wary of any agencies that promise you a warrant to keep your pet with you at all times through registration or enrollment. They are forgeries who will expose you to public embarrassment if you use their services.

Make unrealistic promises

Unrealistic claims made by agencies or businesses are a red flag that may be easily detected. You should already be aware that no legitimate firm can make unrealistic claims, and if one does, there is always something fishy about it. So, try to avoid such firms at all costs.

This advice is applicable to online ESA agencies as well. All fake ESA agencies make unrealistic and magical promises to you, such as providing ESA letters for incredibly low rates or promising to provide you with the letter in no time.

No matter how large an ESA agency is, all must go through the long and time-consuming procedure of approving an ESA letter. It cannot be done overnight, and any firm that offers to do it for you is a scam. Don't get fooled by it. Whatever pet you want to get approved, whether it's an emotional support animal letter, it takes time. The timing and method of approval are unaffected by your pet's preference.

Similarly, to determine whether the agency is a fraud, look at the fee they are offering you for the letter. If they are significantly lower than those given by other agencies, it is a fraud. A credible agency keeps its rates in line with the ESA system and makes no claims of offering ridiculously inexpensive rates because the process of obtaining a legitimate letter certainly requires money.

Offer a lifetime letter

An authentic emotional support animal letter is only valid for one year. Regardless of the type of letter you are interested in, it will always expire one year after it is issued. Whether it is an esa letter for housing or travel, it will never last a lifetime or even more than a year. If a company promises you a lifetime letter, that's your cue to walk away from them.

Do not provide details on the letter

A forged ESA letter lacks certain details, such as the contact information of the mental health professional who issued the letter and other comparable information. The rationale is straightforward. They can simply be caught if they offer such information. As a result, they don't put such specifics on the letter, and those of you who haven't seen it before can't determine if it's legitimate or fake.

Look out for this red flag whenever taking the service of an online ESA agency.

Lack of Client Support Representatives

A fake ESA agency will never have a customer support system in place since they never planned to provide you with the letters after services. They are only interested in one-time relationships since they are aware that they will be exposed shortly, therefore they do not establish a client support network.

When selecting an ESA agency, always check if they have a customer support network. If the answer is negative, consider it a red flag.

The five red flags listed above are the most prevalent and may be utilized to quickly detect scammers. Stay away from such ESA agencies and don't be afraid to report them to the authorities so that they can't deceive anybody else. For more information, do visit visit

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