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Reasons to Visit Warsaw for Students

To visit one of the most hip neighbourhoods of Europe- Praga

According to homework helper free Praga lays on the other side of the river from the city centre. Infamous for being the dangerous part of the city, in recent years it has become the place to be in the city. Fashionable, modern, bustling with events it has even been named one of the most interesting neighbourhoods in Europe by Travel Supermaket

To learn history in an interesting way- Warsaw rising museum

Warsaw has an exceptional history, symbolizing the history of the whole country and its hardships. I recommend visiting this museum as it is relatively new and very well designed. According to study daddy many interactive installations tell the story of the Warsaw rising in an interesting and sensitive way.

To see the show of light and water -Park of the Fountains

The park between the old town hill and the river is a place for the locals to spend the Sunday afternoon. It boasts a huge set of fountains, which light up in a show of light and water in the summer evenings. A number one attraction for any foreign visitor coming to the city.

TIP: check out the schedule of the shows here and show up early- it tends to get crowded!

To see the castle on the water – Łazienki

The royal park of Warsaw with the famous Chopin monument and the Palace on the Water. This park is also one of the favourite places of the locals to go for a run or a walk. There are many cultural events throughout the year. The concerts of Chopin’s music by the monument are the most popular ones.

To chill on the urban beach – Bulwary wiślane

If you’re looking to relax after a long day of cultural visits, head down to the riverside. On the main city side there is a number of bars where you can have a drink or you can just sit on the steps alongside the river- you’ll see many young people enjoying their night there. On the other side of the river there’s a small beach so you can get a more “tropical” vibe and have a colourful drink in one of the beach bars.


To taste all the polish delicacies

Polish national pride are pierogi. If you don’t already now they’re dumpling filled with whatever you want- meat, sourkraut, cheese, spinach etc. You can get them in almost any restaurant, but I recommend Zapiecek. They have many restaurants around the old town area and a wide selection of pierogi and other polish specialties. Then, head for pączki- polish donuts filled with mermelade or cheese, the best when still hot. You can also get them in any pastry shop, but go to Chmielna- there’s the best little donut shop in the city (you’ll find it easily because there’s almost always a line).

Have you ever been to Warsaw and visited something I coll I didn’t list? Let me know!

All pictures are mine apart from The Castle on the Water (by Arcaion) and the Mermaid (by Tomasz Mikołajczyk)

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