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Hidden Features of yours Apple Watch Series 6 SE

Apple always develops advanced apps, including apple call recorder, fitness apps, photo apps, etc., and provides a lot of features. One of the most useful devices is Apple Watch. So let get more about tips for it:

1. Set an Alarm on Your Apple Watch

You will not need to configure alarms on your mobile to sound on your watch, or at least not always, since the Apple Watch also allows you to configure alarms from its own native application. It is a bit difficult to find, but once you do, you will enjoy the advantage of waking up little by lighting up the screen, something perfect if you use the clock as a table clock as we explained in the previous tip.

On Apple Watch, tap the Alarms app. It is one of the ones with the orange icon, and it shows a clock with two rings like the alarm clocks of several decades ago.

2. Use Family Mode

This is another of the novelties of WatchOS 7, to be able to configure a clock to belong to a family member and to be able to control it directly from your mobile. This is an option designed for minors or elderly people since with the family mode you can limit access to payments with the watch, activate a class mode so that children are not distracted, or have the watches always located.

To do this, you have to configure the clock directly in the mobile app. To do this, on the All clocks screen, by clicking on Add clock, you can choose the option For a family member. Then, after configuring it like this, in the settings, you can adapt its limits.

3. Silence Notifications by Covering The Screen With Your Hand

When a notification, warning, or call sounds on the Apple Watch, there may be times when it catches us busy and we do not have time to get involved in the clock to silence it. Imagine having to do it in the middle of a meeting. To do this, by default you can silence notifications by placing the palm of your hand on the screen for at least 3 warnings. Goodbye to unwelcome alarms. And if you don’t have it activated, you can check it in the settings.

To verify that the option is active, on the Apple Watch enter the Settings application. Once inside, click on the Sounds and vibrations option. Inside, make sure you have the Cover to mute option turned on.

4. Cinema Mode Can Help You at Night

The Apple Watch, when you set your sleep hours, at bedtime, it goes into do not disturb mode and makes the light emitted by your dial less powerful so that it does not bother you. If this is not enough, a little trick is to activate the cinema mode so that the screen remains off without having to remove the always-on mode. You simply give the shortcut when you go to sleep and then remove it when you wake up.

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