Project Team

Urban Connections is the flagship project of the City Leadership Initiative, a partnership of the Lab, World Bank and UN-Habitat, and is geared towards providing a global overview of the leadership and strategic visions of more than 200 cities in both developing and developed countries.


Funded by the UK's Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) in collaboration with UN-Habitat and the World Bank Group, it aims at highlighting leadership approaches, strategic trends, foresight drivers and major hindrances in the development of strategic directions for urban development.  Urban Connections is designed to offer an accessible and scholarly baseline to better situate discussions of city leadership, especially in relaton to the Habitat III process of the United Nations, within the broader landscape of globalisation and global challenges, but also in line with the diversity of city leaderships. The project focuses both on major global cities and second-tier cities to offer not only international comparative assessments but also multi- faceted considerations that de-centre traditional globalist models of urban research.

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