Project Team

Urban observatories can play critical roles in decision-making, providing research and analysis relevant to addressing pressing urban issues, such as those flagged in UN-Habitat’s New Urban Agenda. This work aims to catalogue and analyse activities of a diverse range of existing observatories with a view to understanding factors for effectiveness in different operating settings. While urban observatories are catalogued through activities such as the UN-Habitat Global Urban Observatory (GUO), there is little centralised detailed information globally regarding the way in which these observatories operate. 


This research project will catalogue existing urban observatories, and create an up-to-date database of their partners, output types and methodologies employed. Through development of case studies and dissemination of research findings this project aims to form an ongoing consultative and support network around the community of interest.


This project is conducted in collaboration with the Gauteng City-Region Observatory (GCRO), a research agency that exists as a collaboration between two local universities and the Gauteng Provincial Government, South Africa

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